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Defining Something Of Expository Paragraph
Expository Pharagraph is a paragraph that gives information on a topic, or give a definition for the meaning how to do something. Expository paragraphs explain a subject, give directions, or show how to do something. In expository writing, linking words like first, second, then, and finally are used to help readers follow the ideas.
Example of Defining Something in Expository
Topic Sentence and Supporting Sentence
A paragraph is group of sentences about one main idea. Often a paragraph has one sentence that states the main idea. This supporting sentence that gives details about the main idea. The first word of paragraph is indented.
Not every paragraph has a topic sentence, but a topic sentence helps to make the main idea of a paragraph clear. Although the topic sentence often comes first, it may appear anywhere in the paragraph. Notice that in the second example below, the topic sentence comes least.
Transitional signal in Expository
In addition, Furthermore, Moreover, Also, Besides, By the way, Similarly, Equally important, For example, For instance, In fact, Like, As an illustration, In other words, In summary, In conclusion, Therefore, Finally, As a result, Consequently, Accordingly, First, Second, Last, For this reason, To begin with, However, Although.

1. Although the topic sentence often comes first, it may appear anywhere in the paragraph.
2. For example, the Baltic Sea in northern Europe is only one quarter as saline as the Red Sea in the Middle East.
3. First of all, in warm climates, water evaporates rapidly; therefore, the concentration of salt is greater than that in cold climate zones, where water evaporates slowly.
4. Secondly, in hot areas the surrounding land is dry and consequently does not contribute much fresh water to dilute the salty seawater.
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